Course Organization

Course Organization

NextThought supports a variety of content types in order to customize learning. All content is organized within a course in your library.

A course is organized into five views: Activity, Lessons, Assignments, Discussions, and Course Info.


Access these views by first clicking on the course in your library. Below are descriptions of each.

Activity View

The Activity View organizes activity within the course into a stream and invites learners to engage in the course within the activity that is most relevant to the course schedule. The stream displays activity in order from most recent to oldest and includes assignments, readings, active forum posts, as well as notes currently being discussed.


Lessons View

The Lessons View contains all of the lessons or content for a course. The Lessons View is divided into two sections: an interactive course outline to the left, and the lesson content to the right of the outline. Clicking on an individual lesson within the outline will display all content inside of that lesson. Typically one lesson will include brief lesson videos, a discussion, readings, and perhaps a self-assessment or assignment.

If dates have been set for lessons, calendar dates will appear when learners or instructors hover their mouse over the lesson title in the outline. This feature alerts the learner as to when he or she is expected to start interacting with the lesson’s material. You may also make lessons available after a certain date to limit learners’ access to future material.


Assignments View

The Assignments View allows access to your Gradebook and learner assignment activity. It also enables you to view and download learner assignments and export grades.

The Assignments View is organized into three tabs: Assignments, Grades & Performance, and Activity & Notifications.

Assignments Tab

This section contains an interactive list of assignments within the course. Selecting an assignment allows you to see all learner submissions for that specific assignment and assign grades, offer feedback, and reset and excuse assignments.


Grades & Performance Tab

Grades & Performance displays an interactive list of all learners in your course. Selecting a user will allow you to view that learner’s submissions and grades for the course as well as assign grades.


Activity & Notifications Tab

Activity & Notifications displays relevant updates about submissions and feedback by most recent to oldest.



Please note: These three sections also appear for learners; however, their content differs from the instructor’s view.

Discussions View

The Discussions View contains the discussion forums for the class. Here the learners can respond to your discussion prompts or create their own discussions. You may also post course announcements here.



There are three typical forums: “Discussions,” “Announcements,” and the general “Forum.” “Discussions” will contain your course discussions regarding the course material, and participation may be required. “Announcements” is a place for the instructor to post announcements throughout the duration of the course. The “Forum” is a place for learners to freely post about course topics.

Course Info View

The Course Info View displays basic information about your course, such as course dates, description, and instructor information. As an instructor, your course roster and course summary report are also accessible here. The course roster allows you to view a list of all learners in the course, email learners, and access user reports.



Please note: The learner view will not see “Edit” options.