Welcome to Your Course!

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind online learning experience! We’re excited that you’re here and that you’ve chosen to take part in the future of learning. Let’s take a quick look at your learning platform to get started.



When you first log in, you will land on your homepage. This page displays the courses, trainings, programs, and/or modules you’ve joined as well as any site communities you are a member of. 



Course Organization

Navigate to your course by selecting the course on your homepage. Across the banner at the top of your course, you’ll notice four course views: “Lessons,” “Assignments,” “Community,” and “Course Info.”



Lessons View

The Lessons View opens by default when you click on a course. To the left is a course outline that contains units and lessons. In each lesson, there are activities for you to participate in and complete. These activities may include videos, readings, discussions, and assignments. Click on an activity to begin, and work through each lesson in the order the materials present themselves.



Assignments View

The Assignments View displays all of your course assignments. Although your assignments show up within your Lessons View, this view acts as a shortcut to view all your assignments in one place and offers extra information on grades, assignment due dates, feedback, and more.



Community View

The Community View is the place to communicate and keep up with the course community. Channels appear to the left, and discussions appear within the channels. Both you and your facilitators can post to the available channels. The “All Activity” channel displays all discussions within the course, including notes attached to readings and other content. Other channels may be specific to course topical discussion or even announcements. You may also see some of the discussions listed here within the Lessons View.



Course Info View

Drop into Course Info to find basic information on your course including the course description, course credit, start and end dates, the facilitators’s name and title, contact information for tech support, and more. 


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