Completing Course Assignments

Your assignments can be found in two different locations: the Lessons View and your Assignments View.

Lessons View

Your facilitator may post an assignment to a lesson. The assignment title will display along with the due date and a “Start” button to view and begin your assignment. Some assignments may be required and can be differentiated by the “Required” label.



As you work through your assignment, your progress will be saved.



Click the “I’m Finished” button once you’ve answered all of your questions.



Warning:  Once you select this button, you cannot go back and change your answers unless the assignment offers multiple attempts. (If offered multiple attempts, the number of attempts would display at the top banner.) The “I’m Finished button” submits your assignment for grading.


After you submit your assignment, you will have the option to leave feedback for your facilitator. These comments are only visible to you and your facilitator, and your facilitator will be notified that you have left feedback.



Your assignment may be graded automatically upon turning it in, or you facilitator may prefer to grade it manually. Either way, your grade will appear at the top right-hand side of your assignment and you will be notified through your notifications located under the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner.




Assignments View

Whereas the Lessons View includes all course resources and activities, the Assignments View only shows the assignments due for the course. There are three different tabs to reference your assignments, "Assignments", "Grades & Performance", and "Activity & Notifications."



Assignments Tab

The Assignment Tab lists all of the assignments in the course and allows you to filter assignments by Lesson, by Due Date, or by Completion. Green check marks will be displayed as you complete the assignments.



Note: When an assignment becomes overdue, its due date will display in red.



Grades & Performance Tab

The Grades and Performance Tab emphasizes information regarding your grades. This acts as a quick reference to determine your performance in the course. It displays the assignment, date assigned, date due, completion status, score, and feedback count. You can sort any of these by clicking on the title of the column.



Activity & Notifications

Activity and Notifications acts as an activity stream regarding your assignments. This is where you will be alerted of new assignments, a posted grade, a submitted assignment, feedback, and more.



Assignment Types

There are a few unique assignment types you may encounter while progressing through your course.


Multiple-Attempt Assignments

Some assignments may offer multiple attempts. If the assignment offers multiple attempts, it will be indicated both within your Lessons View and Assignments View. When you view the assignment, it will display how many attempts you have and the score required to pass the assignment. Once you’ve passed the assignment with the required score, you will no longer be able to retake the assignment.



After you attempt the assignment, your score may be pending if the facilitator needs to manually add a score. If the assignment is automatically graded, you will know immediately if you’ve passed after submission.



Once the facilitator adds a score, you will be notified. Return to your assignment to view the score.


If you’ve failed to achieve the passing score, both the Lessons View and Assignments View will indicate so.




Simply return to your assignment to try again. Click the “Try Again” button to begin. Be sure to check how many attempts you have left.



Once you’ve passed, the assignment will indicate your success and score. No additional attempts will remain.



Timed Assignments 

Some assignments may have a time limit. If an assignment is timed, you’ll see a time indication under the title of the assignment.



When you click “Start,” a window will display reminding you that you are being timed.



Once you begin a timed assignment, the time remaining will be displayed for your reference in the upper right-hand corner.



Warning: Please be aware the timer will NOT stop until you’ve clicked the “I’m Finished” button to submit your answers for grading. Once your time is up, the clock will then begin to count the additional time taken past the time allotted.


File Upload

Another unique assignment is a File Upload. This assignment allows you to upload a file created within another program such as Word.



When uploading your file, be sure to check the specs of the file such as the file type and size to be sure your file is compatible with the requirements on the assignment itself. Now, click the Upload button and choose your file.


Warning: To submit your file for grading, as with all assignments, you must click the “I’m Finished” button. Simply uploading your file does not submit your work for grading.


Discussion Assignment

The discussion assignment prompts you to respond to a discussion prompt within the course forum.



As with all assignments, you will find this assignment type in your Lessons or Assignments View. Within the assignment, you will be able to view the prompt.

At the end of the prompt is a summary of your discussion activity, including how many comments you’ve contributed, how many comments you’ve responded to, and how many times your comments have been responded to by others. To respond to the prompt, click “Join Discussion” and the full discussion will display. Now, click “Add a Comment” to begin typing your response.

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