The survey authoring tool allows you to create a survey for your course and place it within a lesson. Surveys can be used to gather feedback and opinions from your users. Results, absent of learner names, may be displayed in graphs or charts.


Add Survey

Follow the steps below to create and place a survey into a lesson:

  1. While in Edit Mode, click on “+Add Content” in the section you want to edit.
  2. Select “Survey” in the “Choose a content type” window.
  3. Next, click "Create Survey".
  4. Add a title and description by typing in the appropriately labeled fields.
    • The learners will see the title of the survey within their lesson. The description will display once the learner opens the survey and may be used for further explanation or instructions.
  5. Add questions to your survey.
    • Add a new question by clicking on a question from under the “Types” panel on the right and dragging a question type into the correct placement within your survey, or click once on a question type to place the question at the end of your survey. You may reorder these questions after placed.
  6. Edit the questions you have created.
    • Once you have added a question type, you will need to add text. Most questions will have a field for the question text and a field for the answer text (with the exception of the essay type and file upload types). To edit any field, click in the field and begin to type. On most question types, you can add extra solution possibilities by clicking on “Add a choice.”
  7. Once you have finished adding your questions, click "Publish" at the bottom and Publish your survey.


Edit Survey Position

To edit the position of the survey:

  1. Click on the “Edit” button next to the survey you want to change.
  2. In the popup window for a survey, you can change.
    • The section where the survey is placed
    • The relative position of the survey within the section
    • Delete the survey
  3. Click “Save” to save your changes.


Editing Survey Content

Depending on the state your survey is in, editing options may be limited. Use the descriptions below to understand your limitations:


If the survey is in draft currently, you are not limited to the edits you can make.

As you edit the survey, your edits will be saved automatically as you go. Please make sure you are finished editing your survey before publishing or scheduling a publish date at which point the survey will be “published” and viewable to users.


If the survey is published (both with and without learner submissions), you will be limited in the edits you can make.

In this scenario, only minor changes can be made such as textual changes in question or answer text or in the survey title and description.

If you need to make larger changes such as adding or deleting a question, you will see a message in the top right and the bottom right corner and will be prompted to reset learner survey responses in order to save the changes. Resetting the survey will clear all learner submissions and learners will have to retake the updated survey.


View Survey Report/Results

To view the anonymous results of the survey, click into the survey while in preview or in edit mode and select "View Report" or "View Results."



Delete Survey

To remove surveys from a lesson, simply select the “x” icon to the right of the content on the Lessons page. Then, confirm deletion.


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