How do I access my courses?

Can I access courses on my smartphone or tablet?

Courses are accessible using the web browser on your smartphone or tablet.


Can I participate without an Internet connection? 

To participate, you will need to have access to a broadband Internet connection of 1Mb/s+ for optimal video viewing and navigation. All course content including videos, readings, discussions, and quizzes are located on the platform. Videos are hosted by Kaltura, YouTube, Vimeo, or other streaming video services.


Can I download my course materials to be viewed offline?

Course content such as videos, video transcripts, readings, timelines, quizzes, and tests are only available with an internet connection while logged into your account. Some course content, such as PDFs and other file attachments, are available for download to your personal computer or device.


What if I’m having trouble viewing course videos?

There are several scenarios that may interfere with streaming videos on the platform, including your connection speed, browser extensions, and video player.

If your connection speed is good, and you do not have any browser extensions conflicting with the video player, you can reach out to Support at

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