Navigating Course Readings

Your readings are located throughout your lessons in the Lessons View. Click on a reading to begin.



A reading may include extra material within it such as images, links, or a video. You can read through the text by scrolling up and down.




At any time if you do not recognize a word, simply click and drag your cursor over the word to highlight it. Then, select the define option. 





You can also use this same method to highlight and save a passage for later reference. Once again, click and drag your cursor over the passage. Click on the highlighter option you’d like to use and your passage will be highlighted. This highlight is only visible to you in your text and will not be visible to everyone. 





Notes may be added to any passage in the text, as well as to the side of videos and images within a reading.

Instead of clicking on the colored highlighter options, click on the note icon to add a note to the passage. Or, you may hover your mouse over the right-hand margin of a reading beside the text, an image, or a video, and click on the note icon that appears. 




Notice, by default, the note is shared with everyone in your course. Remove this group if you wish to change your note’s audience by hovering over the name of your course and selecting the “x” icon. Type in the name of the person, group, list, or community with which you’d like to share your note. Add a title, your message, and even a file attachment or whiteboard if the note is better displayed visually. Click “Save” to save and post your note!


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