Course Visibility

When creating a new course and before learners enroll, make sure to walk through basic course setup and settings. 

First click into your course from your homepage. Now, select the “Course Info” view. This view also allows you to manage course visibility and allows access to your admin tools. Site admin, instructors, and editors can all edit the Course Info page.



Your Course Info page includes:

  • Cover Video
  • Course ID
  • Course Title
  • Course Description
  • Course Assets
  • Credits
  • Redemption Code
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Meet Times
  • Facilitators
  • Completion and Certificates


Course Visibility

Control the visibility of the course. To get started, click on the “Make Changes” button on the course’s Course Info page.




Discoverable in Catalog

The “Discoverable in Catalog” field allows you to toggle course visibility within the course catalog.

  • Off: This option will keep the course private. This means that the course will not show up in the public course catalog. No one will be able to enroll in the course unless you provide them with the course redemption code.
  • On: This will allow the course to display in the course catalog. This means that when a site user clicks on the course catalog, the course will display and the learner can view basic course information and enroll in the course.


Course Status

This option defines when the course becomes available for learners to begin.

  • Draft: This option makes the course invisible to learners while you create and edit your course; however, if you want to allow early enrollment, you can set the course Status to “Draft” and Discoverable to “On.” This will allows learners to enroll, but the content will remain invisible.
  • Published: This option allows the course to be fully available to users.
  • Publish on Start Date: This option sets the course to be in course preview mode until the defined start date and time, at which time it will then become fully available to users.


Note: By default the course will be “Off” for Discoverable in Catalog and in “Draft.”

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