Can I change my email, display name, and other account settings?

Can I change my email address?

Yes. In order to change your email address follow the steps below.

  1. First log in to your account on NextThought. Then, click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window and click “View Profile”. This will navigate you to your profile page.
  2. While viewing the “About” tab, click “Edit Profile” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Change your email address to your preferred email, and click “Save.” This will change your email on file. You will then be sent an email with a link to verify your email.


Can I change my display name? 

Yes. Your display name is located within your profile information. To edit your profile, follow these steps.

  1. First navigate to your profile by clicking on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner. Then, click “View Profile.”
  2. While viewing the “About” tab, click on the “Edit Profile” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Find your “Display Name.” You will either be able to type into the field to change your name or you will need to click the edit icon to the right of your name.
    • If you can type into the field directly, type in your new display name and then scroll to the top of your profile and click “Save.”
    • If you cannot type into this field, click the edit icon. This will open a Request Name Change form. In the form, be sure to type exactly how you would like your name to be displayed, not just the part of your name you’d like to change. Once finished, click “Submit” to submit the form for approval. Once your name has been changed, you will be sent a confirmation email.


How do I unsubscribe from emails? 

The best way to ensure that you do not receive future emails is to click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email itself.

Please note that there are different types of emails you can receive from NextThought including promotional emails as well as emails that alert you to important notifications you received (e.g., a reply to a note) while you were away from your account. Because a user may desire to opt out of one type (promotional) while still receiving others (notifications regarding important activity on their account), these will both need to be unsubscribed from if you desire to not receive any type of email from NextThought.

Additionally, you may receive emails from your instructor or course. You will need to drop the course if you wish to no longer receive emails regarding your coursework.

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