October 19th, 2018

Student Participation Report File Name Change

When downloaded, the Student Participation Report now has the file name FirstNameLastName_CourseID_StudentParticipationReport.pdf


Student Participation Report now Includes Video Duration

Student Participation Reports now display the duration of each video within course lessons along with view sessions, total watch time, average time/session, finished.


Use CSV File to Invite People to the Platform

Previously, a site admin would have to invite people to join the site by typing their emails. Now, a site admin can upload a CSV file with listed email addresses to invite users to the platform.


The CSV must follow this format:

  • The first column must be only emails, a single email per row.
  • The second column must contain names.


Easier Path to Upload New Course Assets

The text “Upload a New Course Image” is now selectable and allows the facilitator to upload new course assets.



Shortcut to Visibility and Course Settings

Course instructors and edits now have “Edit Course Information” and “Course Visibility” shortcut in the course dropdown menu.


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