April 19th, 2019

Updated Course Navigation and Content Windows

Previously, when clicking on any of the course content, it would redirect the user to a new page, aside from a few exceptions. The only way to continue to go through the course would be to go back to the course view and click on a new piece of content.

With this update, the entire course navigation has been overhauled. When clicking on a piece of content, a content window will appear with the content inside. There are several different parts to the interface:



Exit Button

In the top right corner of the window is a button with an “X” on it. Clicking on this will return the user back to the current lesson they are on.



Note: If the user had progressed or went back to other lessons using the Navigation arrows, the button will exit them to that lesson they are currently on.


Navigation Bar

Next to the navigation arrows is the Navigation bar. The Navigation bar will fill up the length of the window as a user progresses through a lesson. It will show the user the percentage of content they are into the lesson, as well as how many items are in the lesson and how far deep into the lesson they are.



Note: This does not show the completion of the lesson, just where a user is in a lesson.


Navigation Arrows

The two arrows at the top of the content window. The one pointing up will direct the user to the previous content, while the one pointing down will direct the user to the next content



If it is the first piece of content in a course, the “Up” arrow will be grayed out, implying that there is no more content to view in this direction. If it the last piece of content in a course, then the “Down” arrow will be grayed out.

Note: The arrow buttons will still work to cross through different lessons.


Up Next Section

At the bottom of the content window is a section displaying the next piece of content in a lesson or the next lesson if the user is at the end of a lesson. Activating it will move the user to the next content window. This has the same effect as activating the “Down” arrow.




Discussions and Instructions

Discussions and instructions now appear as boxes outside of content window. Their functions are still the same.




Activating a video will now open a video content window. The video title will appear below the video along with its run time. With this redesign, the transcript appears below the video.



Clicking on the transcript wording will allow for the video to skip to the part of the video. If the transcript is long enough to scroll down, the video will shrink and follow the user in their window. If a user desires to see the default Media Viewer, the option to view the video in this mode is right below the video.



Display Learners in Sidebar on Discussions

Learners who have commented in a discussion now display on the right-hand sidebar while viewing the discussion.


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