Course Organization

The NextThought application allows instructors to build their own course with our authoring tools. The authoring tools allow you a wide range of functionality including building the course outline (lessons, units, sections), adding course materials (readings, videos, discussions, links, files), creating assignments, creating readings, and more.


Getting Started: Content Organization

All NextThought courses have an organizational layout that includes units, lessons, and sections.


  • Unit: A “unit” simply acts as a header for several lessons. Each unit contains one or more lessons. Units can be further organized into lessons.
  • Lesson: A “lesson” is the main content module for the course. When a learner enters a course from the homepage, they will be viewing the first course lesson. Lessons can be further organized into sections.
  • Section:  A “section” is the lowest level organization for course materials. Sections divide and organize materials within the lesson with a section header.


Course Default View

When you enter your course from the homepage, it opens into the Lessons View. You will be viewing the course as if you were a learner.

To modify course content, click on the “Start Editing” button in the lower right-hand corner to switch to Edit Mode.


Note: The Start Editing button is only available on the Lessons View.

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