January 25th, 2018

Book analytics

Now, analytics are available for both courses and books.

In the admin tools, select “Content” and use the dropdown menu to select “Books.” You will see a list of books and basic analytics for each. Click on a book for greater detail and to view widgets for Top Learners, Daily Activity, Active Times, and Most Popular Time.



Note: Not all sites have access to books. If you have a book, it will display on the homepage under “Books.”


Redesign of course reports tab

Reports are now centrally located under the “Report” tab within the Course Info View. In addition to the Course Summary Report and the Self Assessment Summary Report, the Course Roster Report and Assignment Reports can now also be found here.



Can set a course start time and end time

A specific start and end time can be set in the Course Info View. Click “Edit” next to either “Start Date” or “End Date.” Then, click the dropdown to select a date and set a time.



Note: You can use the start date and time to define when the course becomes available for users.


Options for opening a course

There are three options for site admins when opening course content to users. These options are available when creating a course, or you can return to this view by hovering over a course on the homepage and clicking the gear icon that appears. Then, select “Edit Course Information” and “Course Settings.”

  • Preview Mode On: This option sets the course to course preview mode, meaning that users can only view Course Info but cannot view course content.
  • Preview Mode Off: This option allows the course to be fully available to users.
  • Based on Start Date: This option sets the course to be in course preview mode until the defined start date and time, at which time it will then become fully available to users.



Note: By default the course will be in Preview ModeOn and will need to be either switched to Preview Mode Off or Based on Start Date for users to begin the course.


New Enrollment Report in admin tools

In the admin tool Reports tab, the “User Enrollment Report” is now available. This report provides a list of all courses the user is enrolled in and when they enrolled.


New Course Roster Report

The “Course Roster Report” is available at both the course level (under Course Info View > Reports) and in the admin tools (under Reports). This report displays the users enrolled in the course along with their enrollment and last access time.


Site admins can manage site admins

Site admins can now manage (add or remove) site admins. When viewing admin tools, click on the “Users” tab. Search for users in the upper right-hand corner, check the box beside their name, and click on the gear icon above. Select “Set as Admin” and a confirmation window will appear to confirm your selection.



Note: In this window, you can toggle between viewing “Users” or “Site Admins” with the dropdown menu.

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