August 28th, 2018

Open Courses from Catalog

An “Open” button now appears in the course catalog so that courses can be immediately accessed and opened once enrolled. The “Remove” button that once was in its place has been moved above it to the left.



Invite Users to Join the Platform

Site admin can now invite people by email to join the learning platform (site) from the Admin Tools. Your invitations will be tracked on the People tab, which will display pending invitations.

  1. Navigate to your Admin Tools
  2. Click on the “People” tab.
  3. Click on “Invitations” subtab.
  4. Click “Invite People.”
  5. Type in an email address, select role, and add a message.
  6. Click “Save” to send your message.



Once a learner clicks accept in the email invite, they will be navigated to the login page to create an account.


To cancel an invite:

Select the red “cancel” button to the right of the user’s invitation on the Invitations subtab.


New Design for Site Admin “Users” Tab

The “Users” tab has now been redesigned and renamed “People.” This new design allows for easier use and simplicity, and contains a new feature to invite users to the platform.

Here’s an overview of the new design:



New Sidebar

Filtering users by role is now available in the sidebar and segregates the users’ roles into two new tabs, “Learners” and “Admins.”


User Information

Now, join date and last active date appears to the right of the user’s name and email. Clicking on the user still takes you to a detailed user view.


Change Role Relocation

Now a “Change Role” button appears at the top right-hand side of the People tab. When selected, a new flyout will appear prompting you to change the role of the selected user. Click “Save” to change the role.




You can now invite people to join the platform.


Autofill Webinar Registration

Now, when learners click to register for a webinar, information already offered by the user on the platform (name, email, etc.) will autofill in the registration form.


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