December 14th, 2018

Calendar and Events

NextThought now supports calendar events.

Site users can track events in the right-hand side bar. Course events, webinars, and assignments will display within the calendar feed.

Course facilitators (Editor and Instructor only) and site admin can create events tied to a course and place them within a lesson.


To view events:

  1. Open the right-hand side bar.
  2. Click on the “Event” icon.calendar.png
  3. Note that the events open on “Today.” Scroll up to see past events, and down to see future events.
  4. Click on the event to navigate to it within the lesson or assignment or to view more details.


To create events (Instructor, Editor, & Admin):

  1. View the course in Edit Mode.
  2. Click “Add Content” in a section.
  3. Click on “Events.”
  4. Click “Create an Event” (if you don’t have any events) or the blue "+".
  5. Add information.
  6. Click “Add to Lesson.”


Hyperlinks in Assignments

Admin, Instructors, and Editors can now add hyperlinked text into assignments. Highlight the text, and select the hyperlink icon below. Add the URL and click “Save.”



Ability to Iframe Content into Readings

Admin, Instructors, and Editors now have the ability to Iframe content into the readings using an iframe embed link.



To add an iframe to a reading:

  1. Create a reading.
  2. Select “IFRAME” option to the right.
  3. Enter iframe link, and click “Done.”
  4. Adjust settings and click “Done.”



Admins Can Enroll and Drop Learners from Courses

Now, admins are able to enroll and drop learners from courses.


Enroll/Drop by Course:

  1. Sign in with your admin account.
  2. Navigate to your Admin Tools.
  3. Click on the “Content” tab.
  4. Click on a Course.
  5. Click “Roster.”
  6. Click “Manage Roster.”
  7. Select the individual you’d like to either enroll/drop.
  8. Select “Enroll User” or “Remove User.”
  9. Click “Done.”


Enroll/Drop by Learner:

  1. Sign in with your admin account.
  2. Navigate to your Admin Tools.
  3. Click on the “People” tab.
  4. Select a learner.
  5. Select the “Courses” tab.peopletabview.png
  6. Select “Manage Courses.”
  7. Select the course you’d like to either enroll/drop the user.
  8. Select “Enroll User” or “Remove User.”
  9. Click “Done.”
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