January 31st, 2019

Calendar Notifications

Calendars will now notify the user when events are created or modified and are directly related to the user. The notifications will be sent on the platforms as well as by email.


Passing and Failing Assignments Based on Scores

Assignments can now be set to pass or fail based on grade. The grade will be determined by the percentage of points earned in the assignment.

To activate this feature on an assignment, open an assignment in edit mode. At the top of of the screen click on the “PASSING SCORE” field and click the checkbox labeled “Passing Score”. Enter the desired passing percentage to set the passing score.



Note: Please note, you must have the value field set for this feature to activate. If you do not, a prompt will direct you to set a value.


Once you have saved and published the assignment, the learner can view the passing score requirement by opening up the assignment and viewing the top of the assignment for the newly designed field. The learner will now have to not only complete the assignment, but have a passing score in order to complete assignment and, thus, the course. 



Course Switcher

Site administrators can switch between different sections of a course by using this new feature. To use the Course Switcher, the admin should navigate to the desired course and then click the arrow beside the course name. The drop down menu will contain all other sections as well as other options such as a course visibility option, a delete button to delete the course and a link to edit the course information.


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