February 21st, 2019

Allow Multiple Attempts on Assignments

Add Multiple Attempts:

Instructors and Admins can now set the number of attempts a learner can take on an assignment.

To set the number of attempts, select the “Options” button while editing an assignment, and scroll down.

Note: Both a value and passing score must be defined in order to add multiple attempts.

Choose between one attempt, multiple attempts, or unlimited attempts.



To select a range between two and twenty attempts, select the middle dropdown option.



Select a value to set the desired number of attempts.



Assignment Completion:

Successful completion of an assignment can be defined as:

  • Submission Only (Once the learner submits the assignment, the assignment is marked as complete.)
  • Passing Score (The learner must gain a passing score.)
  • Excused (If the facilitator excuses the assignment, the assignment will be marked as complete despite any other parameters.)
  • No Submit Grade (A no submit assignment type cannot have multiple attempts. For no submit assignments, adding a grade will act as a “submission.”)

Multiple attempts can be added in order to allow the learner multiple attempts to gain a passing score, and thus multiple attempts for successful completion of the assignment. The displayed score on the assignment will be the highest score achieved of all attempts. Once the learner achieves the passing score or above, no more attempts will be allowed.

To learn more about this feature, click here! https://help.nextthought.com/editorguide/assignment.html#adding-multiple-attempts


Enrollment Management in Course Roster

The course roster now has an option for site admins to enroll or drop users from the Course’s Admin Tools > Course Roster.

Selecting ”Manage Enrollment” will open a window displaying all site users and a search bar. Search for learners within the search bar and select a learner.



After selecting a learner, the learner’s current course enrollment status will display. If they are not enrolled, you can select “Enroll User” to add them to the course.ManEn21.png



If the learner is enrolled, the “Enrolled” text and course information will display. The enrolled user can be removed from the course by selecting the “Remove User” button.



Advanced Enrollment Options

Each site will have a defined set of user enrollment scopes. The “Advanced” dropdown will allow admins to enroll a learner into a specific scope.

For example, a university site may have two defined scopes: “enrolled” and “open.” By default learners may be enrolled into the “open” scope; however, using the advanced dropdown, and knowing the scopes allowed on the site, you can define the user as “enrolled” to enroll them in that scope.

Note: Please ask your project manager if you’d like to enroll a learner into a specific scope.


Add and Remove Group Members

Site admins have the ability to add site users to a group.

After selecting “Create a Group,” you will be presented with a window to type a group name, and automatically add group members across the site. Select “Create” to create the group.



You can also choose to edit a group, and add or remove group members. Click “Save” to save your changes.


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