August 30th, 2019

Course Community Feature

Purpose and Location

The Community tab allows people to track and view all activity within a course, displaying discussions and course activity.



The Community tab replaces the Discussions tab and appears in the same location.



Previously created forums and discussions appear here. Forums take on a new name, now called “channels.” All content and activity will remain.



Channels are listed on the left side of the Community tab. Only facilitators and admins can create new channels.

New courses have a single channel called “All Activity.” Unlike other manually-created channels which only display course discussions, All Activity displays users’ interaction within the course. Activities such as comments, replies, and other course-wide social interactions shows here.



To create or edit a channel:

  1. Click on the “Edit” button on the channel list.
  2. Make edits within the “Edit Community” menu.


Within the “Edit Community” menu, you can add, delete, reorder, or edit channels, as well as add a channel description.




Discussions can be created within any channel by clicking into the “Write something…” field.



This will bring up the normal discussion prompt.




Switching to “List View” from “Tile View” provides a familiar layout to those who are more comfortable with the original Discussion tab. For this view, click on the “List View” option in the top right-hand corner of the Community tab.




You can sort channels by Most Recent, Recent Activity, Comment Count, and Like Count. Simply click on the sorting options on the right-hand side of the view.



Site Admin can now view and comment on content and activity

Previously, site admin could not see learners’ comments nor activity within a course. Now site admin can view activity as well comment and reply.

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