July 3rd, 2020


Mentions allow users to notify an individual, list, or group within a discussion (resource, course community, or site community). It replaces the previous style of sharing notes within a sharing field, and expands mentions into replies.



To notify, share, or mention an individual, list, or group:

  1. Start a new discussion within a resource or community.
  2. Keep or remove any default sharing scope by hovering the mouse over the scope and clicking on the “x.”
  3. Type the “@” symbol and begin typing in the name/title to search.
  4. Select the individual, list, or group with whom you’d like to mention and notify. This note will be shared with those you mention.
  5. Click “Post” once you’ve added your comment.


Sharing and Mentions

Mentions replace the previous concept of sharing discussions on the platform.

To share publicly with your course, leave the default share option.



To keep the note private (just for you), remove the default sharing option.



To keep the note public, but also notify certain individuals, keep the default sharing option AND mention specific people, lists, or groups.



To keep the note private and only shared with specific individuals, remove the default sharing option and mention specific people, lists, or groups.




Individuals will be notified when they are mentioned within a discussion or as a part of a list. Users are notified by the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner.



If not online, users will get an email notification alerting them to the mention as well as an in-platform notification.


New Layout for Course Information Page

Previously, the admin tools, roster, and advanced options were located below general course information.

Now, navigate to admin tools, roster, and advanced options on the course Information page by clicking on the left-hand column headers.



New Design for Discussions

During Editing:

  • Mentions instead of sharing field
  • New icons for text styles, attachments, and whiteboard



While Viewing:

  • Reply has been changed to “Add a Comment”
  • Location of discussion in header
  • Sharing scope and mentions are more prominent
  • Options to edit, delete, report moved to upper right-hand corner



Topic Tags

Now, you can add tags to posts. Tags allow users to categorize and search by topics using hashtags.

To add a tag:

  1. Type the “#” key.
  2. Add your topic/tag.



To search by a tag:

  1. Click into the search field.
  2. Type the “#” key and your topic.
  3. Click “Enter.”
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