Adding Facilitators, Enrolling Users & Course Completion

Manage Facilitators

Manage your facilitators roles, including Instructors (Full Access), Editors (Editing Access), and Assistants (Grading Access).



  1. Click “Edit” next to “Facilitators.”
  2. To add a new facilitator:
    • Click “Add a Facilitator.”
    • Search user(s) by name.
    • Assign a role (see roles defined below).
    • Click “Visible to Learners” if you’d like this facilitator to show on the Course Info page and homepage.
  3. To edit a current facilitator:
    • Locate facilitator on list.
    • Toggle “visible” or “hidden” via the dropdown.
    • Toggle role using the role dropdown.
    • Rename the name of the role using the text field. This is the role that displays to learners.
    • Remove a facilitator by clicking the “x.”“
  4. Click “Save” within the course facilitator section to save your changes.

Warning: Please note, if you are currently a site admin, but would also like to facilitate the course, please make sure you assign yourself the full access role as well.


The current roles are as follows:

  • Course Facilitator: The term for course roles: instructor, assistant, and editor
  • Course Instructor (Full Access): Instructor and editor
  • Course Assistant (Grading Access): Instructor role only (no editor capabilities)
  • Course Editor (Editing Access): Editing only (no instructor capabilities)


Enrollment Management in Course Roster

The course roster has an option for site admins to enroll or drop users from the Course’s Admin Tools > Course Roster.

Selecting ”Manage Enrollment” will open a window displaying all site users and a search bar. Search for learners within the search bar and select a learner.



After selecting a learner, the learner’s current course enrollment status will display. If they are not enrolled, you can select “Enroll User” to add them to the course.




If the learner is enrolled, the “Enrolled” text and course information will display. The enrolled user can be removed from the course by selecting the “Remove User” button.



Advanced Enrollment Options

Each site will have a defined set of user enrollment scopes. The “Advanced” dropdown will allow admins to enroll a learner into a specific scope.

For example, a university site may have two defined scopes: “enrolled” and “open.” By default learners may be enrolled into the “open” scope; however, using the advanced dropdown, and knowing the scopes allowed on the site, you can define the user as “enrolled” to enroll them in that scope.

Note: Please ask your project manager if you’d like to enroll a learner into a specific scope.


Course Completion and Certificates

Manage course completion and certificate options with your Admin Tools.



  1. Select the “Course Info” tab.
  2. Choose the "Completion" subtab.




Toggle “On” to allow the course to be completable. This means that once learners complete all required course materials, they will have completed the course. When turned on, learners can track their completion progress from their Lessons page, which offers a percentage of completed materials.



Define what percentage of required materials is acceptable for course completion. In other words, if you mark 10 items as required, and define Percentage as 50, learners only need to engage with 5 required items to complete the course.


Award Certificate on Completion

Toggle “On” to award a certificate once learners have completed the course. This means that once learners complete all required course materials, they will have the option to “View Certificate” from their Lessons page. Completion certificates are also viewable from their profile. Please note that certificates are automatically generated. If you would like to customize your site certificates, please contact NextThought.


Required by Default 

Decide which content types are required by default in order to complete the course. Please note that by default, assignments will be required. If a content type is Required by Deafult then each time you place that type in the course, it will be marked as required; however, this does not prevent you from manually removing the requirement of one within the content set.



Note: Please note, you have several options when customizing your course with these tools:

  • Require materials, no certificate, no credit
  • Require materials, award certificate, no credit
  • Require materials, no certificate, award credit
  • Require materials, award certificate, award credit
  • No required materials (if you do not add required materials, no credit nor certificate can be automatically awarded)
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