Course Progress

Course Progress and Completion

View course progress to understand how your users are progressing through required materials. You can find this tool in the upper left-hand corner of your lessons page.



Progress is defined by a learner completing required materials. In order for a learner to complete required materials, materials must be viewed (video, PDF, readings, etc.) or submitted (survey, assignments). Materials can be marked as “Required” when in Edit Mode. Learners will see the “Required” label on each required content.



Facilitator/Admin “Progress” displays

  • the number of learners who have completed the course (i.e., the number of learners who have viewed/submitted all required material),
  • and the average class completion (all learner completion percentages added and divided by the number of learners).



Learner Progress

Instructors, assistants, and admin have an additional, more detailed view of progress per learner. Navigate to your “Course Info” page and click on the Roster.

In the roster, the progress of each learner is presented.



Click on the progress icon to view a detailed report. The report presents a closer look at how the learner is progressing through the course item by item. The top of the report presents how the learner is performing compared to his/her colleagues. Learners are sorted into 1 of 5 categories depending on their progress. All required items are listed, and if a learner has completed that item, it is marked as completed with the date.



Completion Certificates

Once a learner “completes” the course as defined by the course progress, the learner will be able to access the “View Certificate” text in the upper left-hand corner of the Lessons page under “Course Progress.”



Clicking on this text will create a certificate for the course.


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