Accessing Your Course Roster

The course roster lists all learners in your course and allows you to email your course or access Student Participation Reports. The course roster also displays course progress.


Accessing the Course Roster

  1. Click on the "Course Info" View in your course.
  2. Click on "Roster" in the subtab on the page.



Roster Features

  • Sort: Click on any of the columns (e.g., “Student” or “Username”) to sort the learners by that category.
  • Reports: Click on the bar chart to the far right of a learner’s row to access the Student Participation Report.
  • Course Progress: Click on learner progress to view a summary of the learner course completion.
  • Email: Click the blue “Email” button to email your learners.
  • Invite: Email unique course invitation codes to invite new learners to the course.
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