Reading Features

Reading Features

Engage your learners by adding more than just text. Use our authoring tools to add images, videos, and more to your readings.


Add Text Styles

At the bottom of your reading in edit mode is a suite of styles and organizational elements for you text. Choose between “Title,” “Section Title,” “Paragraph Headline,” or “Body Text” to organize your information. Select “Block Quote,” “Numbered List,” and “Bulleted List” to emphasize points. Also choose from bold, italics, and underlined font styles.



Add Hyperlink

  1. Highlight the text in which you’d like to add a link.
  2. Click the link option on your editing toolbar.
  3. Add the URL and keep or modify the display text.
  4. Click “Save.”



Add Photo

  1. Click Photo type. This opens your course resources.
  2. Select an image or upload an image.
  3. Click “Place” in the bottom right-hand corner. This places the image in your reading.
  4. Under the image within the editor, edit the figure number (or title) and the caption. The caption is optional.



Add Video

  1. Click Embed Video type.
  2. Enter the link (URL) or embed code for your video into new window. Click “Done.” This places the video in your reading.
  3. Under the video within the editor, edit the video title and caption. The caption is optional.



Add Bulleted List

  1. Click on Bulleted List type.
  2. Type your first bullet point text.
  3. Click enter to create another bullet point. Type your text here. Repeat.
  4. Enter twice to exit bullet points.



Add Numbered List

  1. Click on Numbered List type.
  2. Type your first point.
  3. Click enter to create #2. Type your text. Repeat.
  4. Enter twice to exit numbered list.



Add Block Quotes

  1. Click on Block Quote type.
  2. Begin typing to the right of the line that appears within your reading.
  3. Click enter to escape the block quote.



Add Call Out

  1. Click on the Call Out type.
  2. Begin typing.
  3. Click out of the call out to escape.



Add iFrame

  1. Click on the iFrame type.
  2. Enter in a link or embed code for the iFrame.
  3. Click done to insert the item.


Add Code Block

  1. Click on the Code Block type.
  2. Select the code you’d like to render.
  3. Type code.
  4. Click out of the code block to escape.
  5. Once published, it will render according to the code selected.


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