November 12th, 2020

Course Completion Data for Users 

We are now exposing more detailed information on the course progress status to users. Users can click on their course progress and open up a modal showing the grouped-by-lesson items in a course. They can filter the items by Required Only and Incomplete Only. This allows users to easily find the items they still need to finish to complete the course.

  1. To view the course items, click on Course Progress from within the course.
  2. In the pop-out modal use the filters to see what items are required as well as the incomplete items that remain for course completion.


Resend Pending Invitations 

Site Admins now have the ability to resend pending site invitations.  

  1. In the Admin Panel for the site select the People Tab, then choose the Invitations subtab.
  2. Select the Re-Send button to send a new invitation to the email listed.


Incomplete Only Filter for Roster Student Progress Summary

In addition to adding the Required Only and Incomplete Only filter views for users, facilitators can now see those same filters in the Student Progress Summary in the Roster.

  1. To view the required and incomplete items for a user, click into the Course Info page and select the Roster subtab.
  2. Select the user for the modal to appear.
  3. Use the Required Only and the Incomplete Only filters to see what items need to be finished for course completion.
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