December 18th, 2020

Deactivate Users

Admins can now deactivate users within their site. Users who are deactivated are not allowed to login to the site and have no access to their courses or records. Similar to the change role feature, site Admins can bulk deactivate and reactivate users from within the People page. There is a new subtab on the People page which lists the deactivated users for easier access. Deactivated users will also show an "Inactive" label next to their display name.

To deactivate a user follow the steps below.

  1. On the home page click into the Admin Dashboard then select the People tab.
  2. Search for a user, select the check box next to the users name and click on the Deactivate button. 
  3. You will be prompted to confirm the deactivation. Select Confirm to finish the action. This will remove the users access to their courses and account.
  4. Once a user is deactivated they will appear in the Deactivated subtab on the People page.
  5. You can reactivate a user by selecting them from the Deactivated tab and clicking on the Reactivate button.
  6. You will once again be prompted to confirm the reactivation. Select Confirm to reactivate the user and restore access to their account again.

Pending Grade Status

For user accounts we now display an icon next to assignments that have been submitted but are pending review or grading by a course facilitator.



Black Highlight Color 

There is now a fourth highlight color, black. This could be used for “redacting” certain parts of text in a reading.



Unsatisfactory Assignment Score Icon

Site Admins and course facilitators can now see an icon for assignments where the required score threshold has not been met when viewing the Course Progress items list for a user. This label will help facilitators identify a user's failed assignments and can help them determine what is blocking a user from completing the course.



Email for Course Completion

An email is now sent to users when they reach 100% and complete a course. If there is a certificate associated with course completion it is also attached to the email for the user to download.



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