January 28th, 2021

Credly Acclaim Integration 

Badging is finally here! NextThought now has an integration with Credly Acclaim that allows facilitators to award badges to users once they reach completion in their course. Users can accept the awarded badges when they connect to their own Credly account, allowing them to share their successes across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Connect Your Credly Acclaim Organization

In order to add badges to a course you need to make sure you have a Credly Acclaim Organization and have made your desired badges. You can always add new badge templates and manage existing ones from within Credly Acclaim. The steps below will help you connect NextThought to your Credly Acclaim Organization.

  1. From the Home page of your NextThought LMS site select the Admin Panel and navigate to the Configuration tab.
  2. From the Configuration page choose the Integrations subtab in the left navigation and click on Connect below Credly Acclaim.

  3. Here you will be prompted to enter in your Authorization Token from Credly Acclaim. This step will connect NextThought to Credly. 
    • To find your token log into your Credly Acclaim organization, select the user icon, and select the Organization tab from the main menu.
    • Next, choose the Developers page and select the Authorization Tokens tab.
    • Copy the corresponding token and navigate back to the NextThought LMS site.
  4. Enter in the token in the space provided, click on Add Token, then select Done once added.

  5. Your LMS site is now connected to Credly Acclaim!
  6. If you need to Disconnect your Credly Acclaim Organization navigate back to the Integrations tab, select Credly, and choose Disconnect.


Assigning Badges To A Course

Once the Credly Acclaim organization has been connected, Site Admins as well as Full and Editing Access facilitators will have the ability to link badge templates to the course. In order to add badges the course must be set to completable.

  1. Select the desired course from the Home page and choose the Course Info tab.
  2. In the left navigation click on the Completion subtab.
  3. First, make sure that the Completable toggle has been enabled. Courses must be completable in order to award badges.
  4. Next, scroll down to the Awards Upon Completion section and click on +Add Badge.

  5. Here you will see a list of all the available Badge Templates that have been created in your Credly Acclaim Organization. You can use the sorting options or search for the titles of specific badges from within this area.
  6. Click on the badge you want to add to your course, review the badge information, and select Add Badge to assign it to your course.

  7. After adding a badge you can select more to add or if you are done simply click the X in the upper right to close the window.

  8. You will now see the selected badge templates listed for the course.

  9. When users browse the course catalog they will be able to see what badges are associated with the course. When they complete a course that has available badges they will be awarded the listed badges and after accepting them will be able to view them in their NextThought profile and Credly account.

  10. If you need to remove an assigned badge from the course, hover over the badge in the Completion tab and click on the X that appears.


End User Badge Awarding & Acceptance

For courses that award badges there are a few things you will need to do to accept your badges and display them on your profile as well as social media. 

  1. Upon successful completion of your course you will be awarded the badges associated with the course. You will receive an email from Credly Acclaim notifying you of the new badges you have earned as well as an email from NextThought for the successful completion of the course.
  2. To view your badges click on the profile icon in the top right hand corner of the page and select View Profile.

  3. Next choose the Achievements tab. Here you will see all the badges you have earned.
  4. Select your badge to review the information. In order to display your badge publicly on your profile page or to link it to your desired social media click on Accept Badge.

  5. You will be taken to the Credly Acclaim site. If you already have an account, log in with your credentials. If you do not have an account you will need to create one to accept your badges.
    • NextThought awards badges to the email address in your NextThought account. If your Credly account email is different you will need to associate your NextThought email address in your Credly account settings.
  6. From your Credly account you can connect your social networks and share your badges on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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