June 24th, 2021

Anonymous Course Catalog

We are very excited to announce the Anonymous Catalog feature! With this update you can give your potential users the ability to view the catalog of courses you offer without the need for them to create an account. They can browse your catalog, find courses they are interested in, and if they select one of the enrollment or purchase option will be taken through the login/account creation flow and dropped into the selected action once they are authenticated.


To enable the anonymous catalog for your site, Admins will need to follow the steps below.

  1. While logged in with an Admin account, select the Admin Panel button on the home page and navigate to the Configuration tab.
  2. On the left side of the screen click on the Catalog subtab.
  3. On this page you will see a toggle. When turned ON the anonymous catalog will be enabled allowing users to navigate to the link and view the courses that are listed as available.
  4. Once the anonymous catalog setting is turned on users will be able to access it by going to https://yoursiteurl/login/catalog.
    • In the example URL above the section that reads yoursiteurl will need to be changed to your specific sites URL.




The existing course status settings are what determines the visibility of the courses in the anonymous catalog. Turning on the Discoverable in Catalog setting for the course will allow it to be seen. Only discoverable items will show up in the anonymous catalog. If the Discoverable in Catalog toggle is turned off, the course will not appear in the catalogs. Likewise, if the course is in Draft mode it will NOT appear in the catalog until it is Published or set to Publish on Start Date and given a corresponding date.

To learn how enable the Discoverable in Catalog setting for a course or for more details on each status type check out this article on Course Visibility.


Required Video Completion Threshold

In order to make sure users are completing required videos in their lessons, we have changed the behavior so that required videos, by default, enforce that at least 95% of the video be watched. This includes making sure that the 95% required watch time is not the same 10% of the video over and over again, but rather that they must watch 95% of the total runtime of the video. 

With this update to the completion percentage we have also added some additional information in the UI so instructors know about the change and understand the function should they choose to turn on the required videos option. In the completion settings for a course there is now text indicating what required means for their users. 


“Learners must view 95% of the total runtime to complete a required video. A watch history timeline becomes available to learners once they have started a video.”


Video Progress Tracking

There are some fantastic improvements to how we present video watch time data to users in this release. We wanted your users to know how much they have watched and what sections they might be missing when consuming a video. To achieve this, we added two brand new features to enhance the way users watch and track their video completion.


Resume Playback

There are often times when a user cannot watch an entire video in one sitting. When this happens and they come back to the video later they won’t want to rewatch the whole video to complete it. With this update we now allow the user to pick back up where they left off. Users simply need to click on the Resume button below the video they are watching to pick back up at their last spot.



Video Progress Bar

Along with the addition of the Resume button, we now provide a watch history for videos. When users click on the Watch History button, a bar will appear that shows the portions of the video they have completed in green. The blank spaces in the bar are the portions of the video that have not been watched. Showing this allows users to better determine what they need to finish in order to gain completion for the video.


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