August 19th, 2021

Pending Site Invitations

The site invitations page has some new filtering options! This update allows Site Admins the ability to see who invitations were sent to and when, who has accepted the invites, and any invitations that have been cancelled. To access the new options simply click on the arrow next to the Invitations title and select the desired filter.



By default you will see the Pending Invitations page which lists the invitations that have been sent but not accepted. From here you can choose to resend or cancel an unaccepted invitation for a user. You can also select multiple users at once and choose to resend or cancel their invitation.




The All Invitations page will list every invitation that was sent for the site. If the invite was accepted and an account was created it will list as Accepted. If the invite is still pending you will have the option to resend or cancel the invitation. If the invitation was cancelled you can choose to resend the invitation from this page.


The Accepted Invitations page lists all the users who have accepted an invite and created an account. Since the invitation has been accepted there are no options to resend or cancel from this page.



The Cancelled Invitations page lists any invites that were sent and later cancelled by a Site Admin. Since the invitation was canceled and not accepted by the user you can resend the invitation here.


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