Notifications, Search, and Your Activity Stream

Notifications will keep you up to date with what’s happening in your learning network and Search will allow you to quickly locate and find something you’re looking for. As always, your own activity can be found in your personal activity steam in your profile.


You can find your important notifications located under the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner. This stream will help you stay current with your learning network. When a new notification comes in, a red number will appear indicating how many notifications you’ve received.

Instructor Notifications Include: Learner Notifications Include:
Student assignment feedback Instructor assignment feedback
Being tagged in a note or thought Instructor note creation within course materials
Posted replies to your note, comment, or thought
Posted replies to your (manually)* created forum Instructor created forum discussion
Being added as a contact New grades
  Being tagged in a note or thought
  Being tagged as part of a group or list
  Being added as a contact
  Posted replies to your note, comment, thought, or forum discussion

Once a day, an email will be sent out for any notifications you’ve missed while you were logged out of the platform. These emails contain links so you can navigate directly to any important notifications you may have received while away.

If ever you don’t want to be notified by email, you can turn off this feature by clicking on your profile image and then clicking “manage account.” Under “preferences” uncheck the box regarding email notifications.


Search and Your Activity Stream

There are two convenient ways to find what you are looking for on the platform, the search feature and your activity stream.

Your Activity Stream

If you are searching for something that you’ve specifically posted yourself such as discussions, notes, thoughts, or even a private chat, you can use your activity stream in your profile to filter and find your activity.

To view your activity, click on your profile image, then “View Profile.”


Now, select the “Activity” tab. Notice that to the right is several convenient filters. You can sort by “Date Created,” “Recent Activity,” “Most Commented,” and “Most Liked.” Furthermore, you can add a date range and choose multiple filters simultaneously: your discussions, notes, thoughts, and your chat transcripts.