Surveys, Polls, and Self-Assessments


Unlike assignments, self-assessments are not submitted for a grade. They’re simply an opportunity for you to assess your knowledge. Your instructor cannot view your answers.

You can find these assessments throughout your course within your lessons.


Click “Start” to begin. Once you’ve worked through the self-assessment questions, select the “I’m Finished” button to check your assessment. A percentage of correct answers is then displayed at the top of the assessment, and you’ll have the option to see the correct answers by clicking on the “Show Solution” buttons.


You may take these self-assessments as many times as you’d like: simply click “Try Again.” After you’ve taken the self-assessment more than two times, a record of your progress is displayed so you can track your improvement.


Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls allow your instructor to ask a question to your class and receive feedback.

A survey is a single page of questions. A poll, on the other hand, only includes a single question and is located in other course material such as a reading.


Within your lessons, click “Take” to begin a survey.


Like an assignment or a self-assessment, you will work through the questions, and click “I’m Finished” to submit your survey. Once you’ve completed the survey, you cannot retake it.


If your instructor has allowed you to view responses, there will be a “View Results” button at the top of the survey after you’ve completed it. The results will not include names. Your displayed response will remain anonymous.



A poll will display in other material, such as a reading, and will prompt you to answer a question. Simply answer the question, click “Submit,” and continue reading.


Like a survey, the instructor may allow you to view the results. If so, a “View Results” button will be visible for you.