Lesson Navigation

Let’s take a look at basic course navigation.

View Your Course

Upon logging in, you will land on your homepage. Click on a course under “Courses” to view the course.

Lessons View

The Lessons View opens by default when you click on a course. To the left is a course outline that contains units and lessons. In each lesson, there are activities for you to participate in and complete. These activities may include videos, readings, discussions, and assignments. Click on a lesson to view the lesson.

You will see different prompts on this page of how to engage with these activities. For videos, select the play button to view the video.

For surveys, assignments, and assessments, click on the action button to proceed.

For readings, links, PDFs, click on the activity itself to view.

When opening a link, you may need to select the activity within the new window once more to navigate to the link’s URL.

For Webinars, click “Register” to register or “Join” to launch the webinar once it’s time to view.

For discussions, click on a discussion to view and engage.

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